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Here you will find everything you need for a modern kitchen, pots, pans, broilers, trays and much more. Our cookware are distinguished by the use of food aluminum, high-quality non-stick coatings, as well as modern design.

You can place an order with our online consultants, by phone or by leaving an order through the basket.

Frequently asked Questions

1) Is aluminum dishware harmful?

Aluminum enters the human body mainly with food. For example, in tea, the aluminum content is 200 times greater than in the water in which it is brewed. Other sources of aluminum ingestion in the body: water, air, drugs, cookware, deodorants. From the water comes 5-8%. FAO / WHO experts set the amount of tolerable daily consumption (PSP) of aluminum at 1mg / kg of weight. The metabolism of aluminum in humans is not well understood, but it is known that inorganic aluminum is poorly absorbed and most of it is excreted in the urine. In some studies, aluminum is associated with brain lesions characteristic of Alzheimer's disease (there is an increased aluminum content in patients' hair). However, the epidemiological and physiological data currently available from the World Health Organization do not confirm the hypothesis of the causal role of aluminum in the development of Alzheimer's disease. When using utensils, the ingress of aluminum particles is minimal. Cookware with non-stick coating prevents the ingress of aluminum with food.

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