Non-stick coatings

Non-stick coatings and their application.

VICTORIA has been producing cast aluminum cookware for more that 20 years. Our output is manufactured using high-quality and eco-friendly coatings, which consist of watery-based polytetrafluoroethylene and do not contain PFOA-perfluorooctanoic acid. Such composition contributes to healthy food cooking due to minimum fat needed.

In 2017 VICTORIA began to apply non-stick coatings GREBLON C2 and GREBLON C2 + with reinforced coating Rough, Weilburger Coatings. The extreme hardness, the outstanding scratch and abrasion resistance are the hallmarks of these coatings.

Since our cookware is cast, non-stick coatings are sprayed. Before application castings undergo special surface treatment for better adhesion. After that liquid non-stick composition is applied onto a ready-made body by spraying machine. Drying process and baking go afterwards.

The method specified above provides equal distribution of  non-stick composition onto a body. The thickness of the coating turns out to be strikingly big, which helps to prolong its non-stick properties and extend product life cycle.

GREBLON C2   –   Line “Prestige”

High-quality classic non-stick coating with thickness up to 31 μm. It has an optimal price-quality ratio. GREBLON C2 is more durable unlike Skandia coating used earlier for this line. Its abrasion resistance is 1.5 times higher and it can withstand 15000 cooking cycles.

GREBLON C2 + with reinforced coating Rough   –   Lines “Mechta” and “Granite”

Well-established coating, which surpasses its three-layer counterparts. Its thickness is estimated at 35 μm. This coating withstands about 20 000 cooking cycles.

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