Custom Castings

Custom castings. Production of castings of general industrial purpose 

Private Unitary Production Enterprise VICTORIA has been engaged in die-casting production for over 20 years. The main activity type is cast cookware production and production of aluminum castings of general industrial purpose. The company has got its own production department equipped with advanced foundry machinery, metal working machines and coating application spray line, which all form closed-circuit production cycle. The overall area of the processing department is estimated at approximately 7000 sq.m. More than 1000 tons of aluminum are processed each year.

We conduct production-support work on a turn-key basis, so that you can use the castings under your trademark. The company has got solid experience in production of the castings of the European quality. Having our own tool-making facilities allows us to make permanent molds in a timely manner, put them on stream and follow all the steps of manufacturing. Our castings are produced without hidden defects according to the first porosity point. We always reach the required indicators of density, roughness and dimensional accuracy.

The main castings features:

  • accuracy up to class 7 according to GOST R 53464-2009
  • surface roughness up to Rz80 according to GOST 2789-73
  • material – aluminum casting alloys according to GOST 1583-93
  • casting weight up to 5 kg (filling “liquid” weight up to 7 kg)
  • overall dimensions up to 450 x 400 x 250 mm
  • machining allowances of 1 mm

Сastings for food industry are produced from food-grade alloys according to GOST 1583-93. The enhanced quality of the shape-generating surfaces is ensured when casting food-grade alloys. A number of castings are refined due to the advantages of the cast structure, which provides additional benefits for a customer. Dimensional stability provides 100% repeatability, which is important in the manufacture of food forms for automated lines.

Casting engine parts , casting with embedded elements and other engineering castings are made strictly in accordance with the requirements for dimensional accuracy, metal density, quality and mutual surface location. The use of various alloys provides the required mechanical properties of the material, and the minimum allowances result in the minimum mechanical machining.

When casting bodies and instrument covers , special attention is paid to air-tightness, the relative position of the blockings and the reduction of mechanical processing. It is possible to provide a place for inscriptions and logos to be made. The cleanliness of the surface makes it possible to paint castings without additional treatment or to use it without coating.

Your advantages:

  • Results Guaranteed
  • Engineering Support
  • Consistently high quality
  • Delivery on time

Before concluding a contract, you can pay us a visit and examine the samples of the castings produced and discuss any peculiar features of your forthcoming order with the engineers. Aluminum casting production is performed on our own processing base. Skilled full-time staff members coordinate the execution of an order during the entire production period.

We are chary of our reputation and build up long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the partners. We can provide references and contacts of the successfully completed orders in various industries. Some orders are placed with us on the basis of our partners’ recommendations as well as after having seen the castings made by VICTORIA.

Maintaining business ties with VICTORIA as a reliable partner will bring the number of benefits to you. Due to careful handiwork and a comprehensive work approach our company enjoys well-deserved prestige with the ordering parties.

Call+375 1647 45402 or send an e mail to posuda @ victoryby to start collaboration.