Custom Coatings

It often happens that replacing a worn-out coated part with a new one costs a fortune, which leads to loss of time and your likely profit. That is why it is economically reasonable to restore the surface of the coating. Our company carries out application and restoration of any kinds of coatings (non-stick, antifriction and anti-adhesive duty) onto any surfaces made of aluminum, steel, cast iron. We can also produce castings of general industrial purpose from food-grade aluminum alloys according to your technical specifications. As a result, you will have a spare kit that will significantly reduce equipment downtime. Since we produce cookware, all raw-materials used are certified and pass quarterly sanitary and hygienic testing. Our company follows ISO 9001-2015 quality management system.

“Teflon” coatings are one of the most popular and wanted types of functional coatings nowadays. Their main area of ​​application is confectionery, bakery, meat and dairy industries. Moreover, these coatings are successfully used in the pulp and paper and also chemical industries. Considering that any food production faces with high requirements for metal oxidative stability of their technical equipment, the use of special food-grade coatings in this case can solve several problems. It is corrosion attack of metal surfaces, which are in contact with food products, as well as surface antistick properties improvement.

The main advantages of a “teflon” coating (PTFE):

– high temperature resistance from -150 ° C to + 300 ° C (short-term to + 350 ° C);

– high anti-friction, anti-adhesive, non-stick and dielectric properties;

– high chemical and biochemical resistance;

– biological inertness (harmless to the body);

– safety (all water-based coatings).

We provide professional services upon restoring the destroyed layers of a coating or applying new ones onto metal parts of equipment and accessories:

– heating (welding) plates of packaging equipment;

– drums and dies in the equipment for ravioli manufacture;

– forms, sheets, baking trays for confectionery production;

– shafts of paper and cardboard machines, pressure boxes, drying cylinders;

– shafts and rollers of multiplying machines;

– molds for casting plastics, rubber;

– welding mirrors for polyethylene and polypropylene pipes installation .

In accordance with your technical specifications we will select the optimal one-, two- or three-layer coating system from the leading European manufacturers.

For each of your problems we will select an individual solution!

Our clients:

LLC Production Company SALATORIA

OJSC “Nesvizh Medical Products Plant”

OJSC “Optoelectronic Systems”

SOOO “Conte Spa”

Production Unitary Enterprise “Bobruiskmoloko”

JSC “Grandmother’s Krynka”

OJSC “Plant Module”

ALC “Antonina-line”