About us

Private Unitary Production Enterprise VICTORIA is the leading cast aluminum cookware manufacturer in Belarus. The company was established on February 23, 1998. The main activity type is cast cookware production and production of aluminum castings of general industrial purpose. VICTORIA has got its own production department equipped with advanced foundry machinery, metal working machines and coating application spray line. The overall area of the processing department is estimated at approximately 7000 sq.m., which is located in Luninets, Brest Region, Republic of Belarus.

In compliance with the latest market needs we constantly extend and upgrade the product range. Our catalogue includes frying pans, square pans, low frying pans, grill pans, crepes pans, pans with detachable handles, sauce pans, casseroles with bakelite handles, cross-functional casseroles with cast handles applicable both to cooking top and oven, cauldrons, roasters. More than 1000 tons of aluminum are processed every year.

We have got experienced permanent staff resources, which amounts to 170 people who do their utmost to make you satisfied with VICTORIA ™ products.

The  company is a multiple winner and laureate of various republican and international competitions:

holder of the title “Brand of the Year”;
winner and laureate of the contest “Best Goods of the Republic of Belarus”;
winner and laureate of the “Best Entrepreneur of the Year” contest of the Republic of Belarus;
winner and laureate of the contest “Best Product of the Year”;
winner of the “Choice of the Year”;
winner of the international award “Gold Medal” for excellence in business;
winner of the “People’s Brand”.

About VICTORIA™ cookware
Cast aluminum cookware VICTORIA is made entirely from food-grade aluminum by manual die-casting method in compliance with compulsory national standard requirements STB 469-99 and GOST51162-98. The company has implemented a quality management system ISO 9001 – 2015. VICTORIA ™ products are certified in Belarus, Russia, and the European Union.

Our company’s output is in great demand with the consumers. Reasonable balance between quality and price is a distinctive aspect of VICTORIA products.

We always use only high quality materials:

  • food-grade aluminum with little percentage of silicium;
  • Italian accessories;
  • French and Russian heat-resistant borosilicate glass lids;
  • non-stick coatings from the world’s most famous companies Deko (Italy), Whitford (Italy) and Greblon (Germany).

Choosing cast aluminum cookware VICTORIA™  you obtain:

  • the cookware with a high degree of heat conduction due to its turned bottom, which substantially speeds up the process of cooking;
  • the cookware which is safe for your health because it is made of food-grade aluminum and the watery-based coatings used are PFOA free;
  • the cookware with perfect heat distribution due to its thick bottom, which all contribute to cooking tasty and well fried dishes;
  • the cookware which needs minimum fat for cooking;
  • the cookware which is easy to take care of.