Product warranty and return policy

All goods purchased in our store are covered by warranty obligations determined by the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

The cost of the examination is paid by the seller (manufacturer, supplier, representative). If, as a result of the examination of the goods, it is established that the defects of the goods are absent or have arisen after the goods are transferred to the consumer due to their violation of the established rules for using, storing, transporting the goods or actions of third parties or force majeure, the consumer must reimburse the seller expertise, as well as the cost of transporting goods associated with its conduct. ( Article 20 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus on Consumer Protection) .

Warranty period for use on products sold in our store:

  • for non-stick cookware  – 12 months;
  • for cookware without coating – 18 months;

Warranty does not cover the following cases:

  • The product was not operated in accordance with the INSTRUCTION MANUAL;
  • Damage resulting from improper use (overheating, product fall, other mechanical and thermal effects) or intentional breakdown;
  • External changes resulting from normal use that do not affect the functional properties of dishes (dents, scratches, etc.);
  • When used for professional purposes;
  • On glass covers;

If the product was in use, it is accepted at the time of appeal to verify the authenticity of the marriage. Verification is carried out in up to 14 days. In the case of confirmation of marriage, the refund to the Client is carried out in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Belarus. If the authenticity of the marriage is not confirmed, the funds will not be returned to the Client.